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Includes a sturdy tarpaulin bag

Do you need a lid for grilling with the SKOTTI grill? No! Is the SKOTTI cap still the perfect accessory for you? Yes! Because the SKOTTI Cap is not just a hood that makes grilling easier in windy places. It can be set up and used multifunctionally depending on the situation and the food being grilled: If you put two or three of the five stainless steel parts together, it becomes a simple windbreak. You can also attach a rotisserie spit with three or all four side panels. Closed at the top and open on one side, the SKOTTI Cap transforms your SKOTTI grill into a pizza oven. All five parts together make a complete hood. This means you can create a lot of recipes beyond the classic grilling of steaks and sausages, such as bread, pizza, fish, meat and vegetable skewers, corn on the cob or larger pieces that take a longer cooking time.

Barbecue tongs have the same handle as a bottle opener

The special highlight: The handle of the SKOTTI Cap is also a pair of grill tongs: you insert the bamboo wood of the grill tongs through two recesses in the long side parts - and the lid can be lifted safely. From now on, you'll never have to think about where to put the tongs while grilling again. And since functionality is our passion: We have also integrated a solid bottle opener into the 8 mm thick aluminum head of the grill tongs.

Nice and flat during transport

The individual parts of the SKOTTI Cap are delivered in their own tarpaulin bag. If you want, you can later transport it with your SKOTTI grill - all parts fit together in the grill bag.

You can find the instructions for use (download) here .

The gas cartridge and the SKOTTI grill are not included in the scope of delivery of the SKOTTI Cap!

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