"A grill that turns everything on its head"

The SKOTTI grill is light and handy - it weighs just 3 kg and fits in a backpack, a bicycle bag or, to save space, in any motorhome. As flat as a laptop, it is an ideal camping grill. Its practical transport bag is also a clever base - if you grill on a table or a sensitive surface. If you find a lighter, full-fledged gas grill somewhere - let me know :-)

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  • 🏝️ Just do it anywhere

    Accompanied thanks to the cool bag
    The 3.3 kg light SKOTTI will take you on every adventure.

  • ⚑ Ready to use in no time

    The SKOTTI can be set up safely and quickly in under 1 minute. Record is: 19 seconds ;-)

  • 🧽 Easy to clean

    SKOTTI doesn't even shy away from the dishwasher. It really doesn't get any cooler than this.

  • 🦾 Until infinity

    ...and much further. The
    High-quality stainless steel ensures an almost eternal lifespan.

  • πŸ• Endless possibilities

    Grilling, roasting, cooking, baking, steaming – turn your SKOTTI into a multi-kitchen.

  • 🀘 Small but ohoo

    SKOTTI has 2.5 KW under the hood and grills like a big one. What are you waiting for?

Countless possibilities

Grilling, roasting, cooking, baking, smoking... clever accessories turn SKOTTI into a multi-kitchen. Meat, fish and vegetables – everything is possible. But how about pizza, soup, fried eggs, cheese fondue or even bread? Or grill some trout? Even fine smoking is possible. SKOTTI offers more space than you think. We like to grill for 8-10 friends - no problem as long as everyone has a beer in their hand :-)


+ Accessories

Grill smoke-free & sustainably

Barbecue in the park or in nature - from now on with a clear conscience, because SKOTTI is made of durable stainless steel, works with gas and leaves zero traces. SKOTTI is the perfect balcony grill, picnic grill or camping grill - because from now on your neighbors will only smell the smell of delicious grilled food and never smoke coals again. Be careful, your children will soon be very nice to you - it is likely that you will pass on your SKOTTI to them :-)

Grill sustainably